Best Binaural Beats for Sleep – A Comprehensive Guide

best binaural beats for sleep
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Introduction to the best binaural beats for sleep

Previously, we explored what is a binaural beat and how it affects our brain to alter our moods and alertness.

Now we will look at the best Binaural Beats for helping you fall asleep (and experience a good quality sleep).

If time is of the essence and you want a quick answer, go straight to our reviews of the best binaural beats programs using the "Jump to Section" below.

Binaural Audio / Binaural Music

We have been speaking a lot about binaural audio but what exactly can you expect to hear?

A binaural audio file contains two separate, but interlinked parts.

The first and most important part is the binaural beat. As we have identified previously, this is the two audio frequencies set a particular distance apart to entrain your brainwaves.

Want to know more?

For a more detailed explanation about binaural beats you can check out our definition here.

If you listen carefully, the binaural beat will sound like a pulsating hum or drone. It doesn't have to be intrusive or loud. In fact, the binaural audio can be barely audible and still have its intended effect.

The second part is a background sound. This can be any pleasant sounding audio that distracts you from focusing on the binaural beat.

The background sound is a soothing or calming sound. However, it can also be upbeat when a listener wants to focus and move into an alert state. Some soothing background sounds are waves crashing, thunder and rain or even chimes and bowls (for meditation).

When you combine both parts, you have a binaural audio.

Best binaural beats for sleep audio and programs

Now you know what to expect, let's look at the most prominent binaural beats sleep programs. 

BRAIN SYNC - Best binaural beats for experienced users

Brain Sync Logo

Brain Sync is a creation by Kelly Howell who has a background as a meditation expert and guide. Kelly has been using binaural beats as therapy since 1985.  She uses her depth of experience to ensure the high standards of quality and effectiveness in the Brain Sync program.

The Brain Sync program offers different formats for the audio files, available in both MP3 and CD format. This is rare nowadays with digital formats dominating the market and can sometimes vary in sound quality.

Generally speaking, the binaural audio files are an hour long which provides sufficient time for you to relax and drift off into sleep.
There are three options available specifically for sleeping binaural music: Sound Sleep; Slow Wave Sleep; and Sound Healing (in your sleep). 

There are plenty of other options you can try that will induce a relaxed state.  Such as the 'Total Relaxation" or "Unplugged Deep Relaxation" tracks.

The great thing is there are sample files you can listen to on the website of the track. So you can try before you buy - which we regard as a great feature offered by Brain Sync.


  • good audio length for falling asleep
  • many options for background music and purposes
  • offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee (for CD's only). You can return the CD's within 60 days for a full refund.
  • can try before you buy


  • no graduation in the binaural beat audio (ie, moving from high frequency to low frequency waves)
  • limited audio length (not longer than 60 minutes)

If you go with Brain Sync, you can be confident that you will receive a quality audio file. Not only that, you can use the audio knowing it is verified by an expert in the field.

Again, they offer sample audio files on their website so you can listen to the music before purchasing.

Want to try Brain Sync? Check them out here.

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SLEEP SANCTUARY - Best binaural beats for first-time users

If you are an Amazon customer, then this one may be right up your alley.

Sleep Sanctuary - Binaural Beats Suite is a compilation by Jupiter Productions.  Their binaural beats audio tracks specifically targeting the Delta frequency.

It is primarily for those individuals who need binaural beats who want to drown out environmental noise. Such as outside traffic or the dreaded snore of your partner.

It offers up twelve 20 minute audio tracks to help you drift into sleep (and stay asleep).

What is particularly advantageous is that it is part of the Amazon family.  This means you have a multitude of options for accessing your binaural audio. You can download the files. Play it through your computer or smart phone. Or even utilize their latest technology with Alexa.  That's right " me Sleep Sanctuary Binaural Beats Suite on repeat please..."

Each track is available for purchase individually or together as an album. BUT, if you happen to be a subscriber to Amazon's unlimited music service guess what? You may already have access to these audio files! Want to see if you can listen now? Click here to check your Amazon account.


  • multiple options to access the binaural beat audio
  • you have an entire month to try before you buy
  • extremely cost-effective if you are an Amazon unlimited subscriber
  • covered by Amazon's refund policies.


  • only targets the Delta wavelength
  • each track only 20 minutes long (you can always put on repeat)

If you are not presently a member, don't worry we've got you covered. Amazon are currently offering 30 day trials for the unlimited music access. This is great because you can listen to the album and see if it works for you for a whole month!

Sleep Sanctuary - Binaural Beats Suite is a great way to test how binaural beat audio can work for you. By using the Amazon free trial period you can actually test the binaural beat methodology.

Ready to make a change? Try the risk-free option with Amazon by clicking on the link above to BEGIN.

BINAURAL BEATS SLEEP PACKAGE - Best binaural beats for sleep

The Unexplainable Store created a binaural beat audio programs designed to aid those suffering from an over-active mind at the end of a hectic day. 

Their binaural audio target the low delta frequencies and boast to have an impact within minutes of listening.  

Like Brain Sync, you have the option to purchase CD's or MP3 files that range from 15 to 60 minutes in duration.  And you also have the option to sample the audio before you buy. 

They also offer value packages so you don't have to purchase each audio file individually.  The most suitable package is the Sleep Package which includes 90 minutes of audio consisting of:

  • Dive quickly and deeply
  • Short nap
  • Counting sheep, and
  • Deep sleep


  • popular and reputable binaural beat online store
  • also has the option of isochronic tones
  • offers value packs
  • option to sample the audio before purchase


  • duration is limited, so replay is required for longer playback
  • limited choices in background music

The Binaural Beats Sleep Package by The Unexplainable Store is a good option for those wanting an easy solution for sleep.  The value packages are designed for speed​.  The immediate introduction to low Delta waves induces a calm state.  At the same time, the background music relaxes your mind and body for maximum impact.  We highly recommend checking The Unexplainable Store for the best binaural beats for sleep. 

BRAIN.FM - Best for playing through the night binaural audio is a patented brainwave entrainment technology delivered to you in an app. They have a research team consisting of cognitive neuroscientist and researchers who have studied the effects on brain. They even boast to validate their product with findings and research from leading auditory neuroscientists.

What is great about is that they have apps available for your smart phones (Play store and Apple store). So you can play it directly from your phone when you are falling asleep.  This feature alone makes a strong case for to be one of the best binaural beats for sleep. 

The app is robust and flexible, with varying options for background music. You can have the binaural beat music playing for 5, 6 or 7 hours. This is great for those wanting constant music playing while they sleep.

Another positive feature is offer five FREE sessions for you to try before you buy.  


  • audio length can be from 30 min to 8 hours
  • they have many options depending on state you want to induce
  • clean interface with smart phone functionality
  • option to try 5 sessions before you buy


  • not clear which brainwave frequency you are targeting when choosing audio
  • requires internet connection (however there is an option to download) is a great option for the modern day user.  With the added functionality of listening from your smart phone, you will never be without your binaural beats for sleep. also have a great range of audio to choose from with varying background tracks to suit your mood.  

Check out their website here.


As you can see from our recommended list, there is a binaural beat for everyone.  We are sure you will find a program that will suit your needs.  Many of the programs have try before you buy options so see which one is your favourite.

What's Next?

Now that you know what binaural audio you want to listen to you need the right equipment!  Luckily for you, in our next article we have explored the features you need to look for in headphones.  We have also compiled a list of the Top Headphones to deliver the ultimate binaural beat listening experience.  

Check it out HERE.

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