March 15, 2019

Binaural Beats Side Effects

Binaural Beats Side Effects
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Can binaural beats harm you?  or What can I expect when I listen to binaural beats?

Many of our readers have written in querying if there are any precautions they need to know about the binaural beats effects.  

We are, after all, talking about changing/influencing our brainwave activity.  

We have heard our readers worries and collated a list of the most frequently raised concerns surrounding binaural beats side effects. 

Our goal is by the time you have finished reading our FAQ, we will have eased any concerns you may have about using binaural beats.    

If you do not find what you are looking for, add a comment below or write to us via our contact page.  We would be more than happy to add it to our list of binaural beat FAQs.  

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Do binaural beats actually work?

We believe it is important for our readers to understand the fundamentals to make a sound decision.  And to do this, every reader needs to understand the definition of a binaural beat.

A binaural beat is:
When your brain hears two different frequencies via headphones/earphones, it will produce another frequency to compensate for the difference.  We call this frequency produced by your brain a binaural beat.  Used in a particular and calculated way, you can manipulate the state of your brain.  

We cover the intricacies of how binaural beats work in our popular article How do Binaural Beats Work.  It provides a deep dive into the mechanics of binaural beat therapy and how to use it.  If you want to further your knowledge in this subject, we encourage you to begin here. 

Can binaural beats cause headaches? 

Can binaural beats cause headaches?

This question comes up often and is probably the most frequently asked. 

If you have experienced headaches while using binaural beats then know you are not alone. 

There are many reasons you may have experienced a headache while using binaural beats. 

We have found the main causes are:
  • poor quality audio - especially if you are using the free binaural beat tracks on Youtube.  Do yourself a favor and try a professionally produced binaural beats audio.  Alternatively, if you are still deciding whether binaural beats are right for you you could always try Amazon Unlimited Music where you have 30 days FREE trial to a vast resource of music - including binaural beat audio tracks. 
  • listening for too long - this varies from person to person.  Some binaural beat users can listen for hours.  While some individuals can only withstand 15 to 30 minutes at a time.  Our advice is to experiment with the session duration to find your optimal listen period. 
  • first-time users - some users have mentioned they experienced headaches when they first used binaural beats.  This is possible as the body and brain isn't used to the brainwave entrainment process.  After a short time, the headaches will subside with consistent binaural beat training. 

Can binaural beats cause anxiety?

Also another popular concern - especially among those individuals who have a history of anxiety.

Users have reported when they listen to binaural beats, they experience a rapid heart beat.  Similar to the feeling they have when they have an anxiety attack.  The likely cause of this feeling is they are listening to the wrong frequency.  

You can create binaural beat audio to target any frequency.  If you suffer from anxiety then you will want to listen to audio that induces binaural beats in the Theta (4 - 8 Hz) or Alpha (8 - 14 Hz) frequency ranges.  At these ranges, the intended impact is both stress reduction and relaxation.  

The main thing to remember is to know which frequency range the audio you are listening to is targeting. If it is hard to identify which frequency range you are listening to, then we suggest moving on to another audio.  

In fact, in a collection of studies, binaural beats decreased anxiety levels when treating patients who usually suffered from anxiety.  

Can binaural beats harm you or damage your brain?

Can binaural beats damage your brain

Given binaural beats is all about influencing the brain, it is natural to be a cautious or worried about brain damage. 

We can categorically say binaural beats will not damage your brain.  You are safe to use them as you work, meditate or even sleep. 

The binaural beat (even though engineered), all occurs in the natural frequency ranges which we hear on a daily basis. 

We must provide a disclaimer when you use binaural beats, you apply them responsibly.  This includes listening to them at an appropriate level and not too loud. 

Who shouldn't use binaural beats?

We would like to say binaural beats are available to use by anyone. 

However we think it is wise to highlight a few caveats for using binaural beats. 

Improper Use of binaural beats side effects
Individuals intending to use binaural beats as a digital drug to achieve a 'high' should think again.  Even though it is not the use of binaural beats that are 'dangerous'.  It is the environment the individuals are using them within that can cause harm to the individual.  

Epilepsy and Seizures
Individuals who have a history of epilepsy or seizures are not advised to use binaural beats for therapeutic uses.  

Although there is no current links between seizures and binaural beats side effects, we think it would be prudent to seek professional advice before implementing any binaural beat audio sessions. 

Are binaural beats safe to use?


You can benefit immensely from the use of binaural beats when used in a controlled environment with genuine positive intent.  

We always encourage you to read up on the best practices when listening to binaural beats. 

We have an extensive series of binaural beats articles to help you start and find the best quality audio and equipment to begin your binaural beat journey.  Check out these short reads:

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