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Best Headphones for Binaural Beats
IntroductionDid you know the base requirements for receiving the state altering effects of binaural beats is two speakers? One for your[...]
Best Binaural Beats for Sleep – A Comprehensive Guide
Introduction to the best binaural beats for sleepPreviously, we explored what is a binaural beat and how it affects our[...]
How do Binaural Beats work?
Did you know last year one in every four people who lived in America experienced a form of insomnia? If you[...]
How Do In Ear Monitors Work?
In-ear monitoring is a relatively new technology, but it quickly became an essential piece of equipment for touring acts. While[...]
What Is IEM? A Complete Guide
In case you are wondering what is IEM, it stands for in-ear monitors. They are widely used by singers, musicians,[...]
Sleep Headphones(earphones) – A guide for the BEST nights sleep
Do you ever find yourself lying in bed for hours willing yourself to sleep? Are you constantly reaching for your[...]
Types of Earbuds and Their Features
Thinking to get rid of an old pair of earbuds? We know how difficult it is to choose the best[...]
Best Earbud Tips when Buying a New One
Losing your earbuds is a nightmare. You never know if you will find them again or not. Instead of dwelling[...]
On Ear vs Over Ear Differences: Choosing the Perfect Headphones
Since we have different needs and lifestyles, this article looks to provide a better understanding of the on ear vs over ear differences.
On Ear or Over Ear Headphones for Working Out: Which One Should You Have?
Listening to music while working out is not only a fantastic source of motivation, but it can also be used to measure time or for keeping a set rhythm.