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Does music help you study?
Are you trying to get more out of your study sessions? Do you find it hard to concentrate or focus when[...]
Isochronic Tones vs Binaural Beats – Which one is better?
isochronic v binauralFEATUREBinaural Beatsisochronic tonesEquipment RequiredMUST use headphones or earphonescan use headphones or s single speakerEffective Frequency Rangeeffective ALL frequency[...]
What are isochronic tones – A complete guide
If you have been following our series of articles about binaural beats, it is likely you have come across the[...]
Binaural Beats Side Effects
Can binaural beats harm you?  or What can I expect when I listen to binaural beats?Many of our readers have[...]
Best Binaural Beats for Focus, Concentration and Study
Find the Best Binaural Beats to help you Focus and Concentrate for Study and work. Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the best resources and the benefits they provide.
Best Headphones for Binaural Beats
IntroductionDid you know the base requirements for receiving the state altering effects of binaural beats is two speakers? One for your[...]
Best Binaural Beats for Sleep – A Comprehensive Guide
Introduction to the best binaural beats for sleepPreviously, we explored what is a binaural beat and how it affects our[...]
How do Binaural Beats work?
Did you know last year one in every four people who lived in America experienced a form of insomnia? If you[...]
How Do In Ear Monitors Work?
In-ear monitoring is a relatively new technology, but it quickly became an essential piece of equipment for touring acts. While[...]
What Is IEM? A Complete Guide
In case you are wondering what is IEM, it stands for in-ear monitors. They are widely used by singers, musicians,[...]