How to Get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ears?

How to Get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ears
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When buying headphones, it is important to purchase one that you are comfortable wearing and perform well in a variety of situations. When it comes to in-ear headphones, you'll notice that you're provided with a selection of differently sized earbuds. That is because everyone's ears are shaped differently, causing the standard pair to be too tight or loose, which would lead to discomfort.

That said, we will look at the benefits of using correctly fitting earbuds. By the end of this article, you should know how to get earbuds to stay in your ears as well as what you'd be missing out on if you didn't!

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones work in a completely different manner as compared to other headphone types that are currently available. Rather than sitting on or over the ears, they are placed directly inside the ear canal.

Such a design offers a fantastic natural noise isolation feature without the need for noise canceling technology. This also allows in-ear headphones to be more affordable while still providing excellent functionality.

Get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ears

When placing the earbuds in your ears, you'll want to make sure that the speaker is aiming directly down the canal, as doing so will properly align the cushioning with your inner ear, allowing the earbuds to lodge itself in place snuggly. Earbuds come in a variety of sizes, and you'll most commonly find them in small, medium, and large. You'll want to make sure that you try each size across different situations to make sure that you get your perfect fit.

How to Get Earbuds to Stay in Your Ears: Problems and Solutions

While it's great to know how to find the right size of earbuds for you, there are a few factors that could still cause them to fall out.

1. Earwax Buildup

A build-up of earwax can actually cause the earbuds to fall out, and this is because it'll distort the natural shape of your inner ear. This will prevent your earbuds from properly securing themselves in position, and one sudden shake will cause them to fall out. There is a simple fix though: you just need to clean your ears out on a regular basis to prevent an adequate build up of wax.

2. Jaw-to-Ear Proximity

As surprising as it may sound, your jaw-to-ear proximity can also have an impact on how securely the earbuds fit into your ears. On both sides of your skull, you have a hinge joint that is used for chewing, swallowing, and talking. If this distance is too small, any slight movement from your jaw can cause the shape of your ear canal to alter and would leave the earbud out of place and more likely to fall out, so make sure that you find the right design that matches your jaw-to-ear proximity.

3. Ear Canal

The shape and size of your ear canal have the most significant impact on how well the earbuds stay in your ears. There is very little you can do about this, but more often than not, this is combatted by having earbuds of different sizes.

4. Earbud Material

The material used in the construction of the earbud can cause the earbud to become loose either through sweating or after prolonged periods of time. Silicone earbuds are by far the most common and generally fit quite well, but for those ears wherein earbuds are hard to fit, you may want to try foam earbuds, as these are typically more flexible.

The Alternative Solution

5. Strenuous Activity

If you find that the earbuds are falling out during more strenuous activity such as working out or running, you may want to position the headphones differently. For those who aren't using specific sport-design headphones, you'll want to place the headphone upside down and wrap the cable around the exterior of your ear. Doing that will create an anchor and should make your earbuds fall out significantly less.

That is the way most in-ear headphones are typically designed. It can take a little getting used to, but again, it should deliver a noticeable difference.

The Alternative Solution

An alternative solution for those who really can't live without the perfect fitting earbuds, you can get them custom-made. This will set you back as you have to go to the shop and have your ears measured correctly in order to produce a unique mold for your earbuds. You can also buy kits to do this yourself at home, which is slightly cheaper, but they are less likely to produce the same result.

To Wrap Up

There is really a lot of trial and error when it comes to figuring out how to get earbuds to stay in your ears as you'll need to find the right earbuds for you before coupling them with your headphones. However, once you've found your solution, you'll hardly encounter any problems, so make sure to stock up on the earbuds that fit to correctly wear your headphones every time.

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