Shure SE112 Review | Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones

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  • ergonoically-optimized earphones
  • sound isolating design feature
  • bluetooth
  • remote and mic


  • earphones
  • 3 sizes of earbuds
  • carry pouch
  • charging cable



  • nice solid design
  • very comfortable fit
  • good sound for the price
  • noise isolation works a treat


  • bass won't blow you away
  • bluetooth connection can be sketchy 
  • battery life could be better
  • no extra cable included in box

PEOPLE's most popular uses...

  • amateur musicians for instrumental practice
  • to use at work or travelling (on planes) for noise isolating features
  • casual music listening
  • listening to podcasts

What are PEOPLE saying...

Jesse J wrote...overall a decent set of isolating ear buds for shy of $50. They disappointed me with the bass, but again, for what you're paying and obviously the size of the transducers, they will not be bass responsive. I primarily use these with my Vox Amplug 2 AC30 headphone amp (great product, if you need an inexpensive, quiet practice option for electric guitar there's nothing better for the price), and they work fairly well for that if you keep your tone pots fairly low, otherwise they get tinny and unpleasant. But I also use them for consumer audio situations, listening to music, gaming, etc. 

Mr Vista  wrote...Working in IT and AutoCAD for Civil Engineering company means many hours strapped to a desk. These earbuds were a blessing.The noise cancellation is very good but not as fake imitations previously bought, but still allows you to hear your surroundings without being completely being isolated, which is a must in an office environment. Shure was quality back in the band days and still is. They feel warm and clear, don't expect exaggerated fake bass, just natural clean sound.

Nate wrote...Very Impressed. I have tried three other wireless earbuds before these and this was my last shot. They work well and the sound is just as good as my Shure wired earbuds. They seem to last at least 8 hours. I also love how snug they feel - wrap around ears and not loose. I highly recommend.

Bill   wrote... It works great. When it works. First the LED indicator light quit working. Then it seemed to develop a problem with perspiration. I use it when I’m on the treadmill. They do get damp. First time it happened, it recovered. Now, it doesn’t give me any indication whatsoever of its status and does not seem to even want to take a charge.

MAIN TAKEAWAYS from User feedback...

Loyal user's have come to expect a certain level of quality and comfort from Shure. Fortunately the SE112's has been positively received by their loyal users and lives up to their reputation.  

The Shure SE112's are a great all round pair of in-ear headphones that will give you a good range of sound.  If blocking out environmental noise like on plane flights is high on your priority list, the SE112's are the headphones for you.  

The Shure SE112's come with the added bonus of a mic and remote control features which provides a hands-free experience to take calls and adjust volume settings without using the main console/phone. 

One of the main complaints user's experienced when using the SE112's is that in some cases the headphones started to exhibit malfunctions after a few months.  So, as we always recommend with all your purchases, ensure you check the warranty terms and conditions - including freight charges for returns.

Additionally, if you like to exercise with your headphones, you may want to skip the SE112's - as users have commented the ventilation is not great and the sweat/humidity can cause issues with the headphones.  

Important Information

Design & Comfort

For the price range the Shure SE112 (wireless edition) provide a robust and comforting feel.  The earbud build feel solid to hold, which helps when you are trying to manoeuvre them into place. 

Another small but noticeable design feature we love is that the LEFT and RIGHT earbud labelling is clear and bold.  Making it easy to identify which way someone should wear the earbuds. 

The cord is a very generous length, making it easy to store without leaving you with a tangled mess when you next want to use them.  Some users have noted that they feel the cord is too long when worn, however that very much comes down to preference.  We note there is a cable adjuster to shorten/lengthen the cords as desired. 

The packaging for the SE112 says it can deliver music for up to 8 hours, with Bluetooth functionality for up to 30 ft. 

Check out the detailed video below by The Nitpicker who does a great review on the comfort features of the SE112 (and the upgraded model SE215).  He also shows you how to wear the headphones the correct way. 

Sound Quality

A main feature for the Shure SE112 is the noise isolating features.  Because of this unique design technology, the sound quality is that much more noticeable when compared to other models in the same range.  

Whether you intend to listen to instrumental, ballads or the latest Top 40 in the charts, the SE112's will impress.  

The only aspect that may lack regarding sound is the bass.  Don't get us wrong, the range on the bass is still decent.  It seems to get lost when played at higher levels.  However, this less likely to be an issue, as you will play your music at lower levels because of the noise isolating features of the earbuds.  



105 db SPL/mW


25 Hz - 17 kHz


Single Dynamic


16 Ω

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