What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

what are solfreggio frequencies
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Solfeggio Frequencies are a powerful form of therapy that is used to positively influence the human mind and body. In this article series, we explore the potential of solfeggio frequencies and how you can harness the power to improve your life.

what are solfeggio frequencies

What are the Solfeggio frequencies?

Solfeggio Frequencies are sound frequencies that can heal the body. Throughout history, these sound frequencies have been utilized during meditation and chants to extract healing properties. The initial six solfeggio are  (396hz — 417hz — 528hz — 639hz — 741hz — 852hz) Every solfeggio tune relies on a frequency to enhance both the subconscious and balances your energy and stimulates recovery together with the Universe. 

The science behind the Solfeggio frequencies 

The scientific communities have done numerous studies to find out how solfeggio frequencies affect a human’s psychological and physical state. The results of these studies rocked the medical industry and have validated why the people before us embraced Solfeggio frequencies for healing powers. It has been proven that Solfeggio frequencies increase a person’s wellness. Practitioners that administer these ancient sound frequencies for healing are now recognized and classified as medical professionals throughout the medical industry.

The benefits of Solfeggio frequencies

396 Hz frequency cleanses our subconscious of the sensation of guilt. This solfeggio frequency is beneficial in creating and manifesting a magnetic field of power that helps and provides power to attain our goals. Use this frequency to turn sorrow into joy.

417hz : Is among the gorgeous solfeggio frequency that is proven to wash out all of the negative energy within us. It’s a frequency that will bring change, it marks the beginnings of a new start, and it is so strong it may reverse any negative thoughts or decisions one may have encountered in the past.

528hz: Everything on this planet vibrates at a certain frequency. The 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency, which is considered the love frequency, is thought to connect our heart with everything around us. 

The 528 Hz frequency is a stunning tone that’s been utilized since ancient civilizations to manifest wonders, bring blessings, and exploit healing properties. It also cleanses our mind of any negative thought or action one has made in the past.

639hz:  A frequency filled with Love and positive energy It’s considered the frequency of Heart… It can transform a heart filled with malice into a heart filled with love and positive energy… Your heart is a gift you carry with you throughout life, to divide its joy to the entire world. Let go of all of the negative feelings inside your heart, and see it become tender, full of positivity and love. 

852hz: Clear your mind of all the distractions our world of today has to offer. Become one with your inner self and follow the guidance of the 852hz solfeggio frequency to embark and awaken your inner powers of focus and productivity. 

How to unlock the powers of Solfeggio Frequencies

Music Therapy 

The positive effects that Solfeggio frequencies music therapy has on humans has been researched over the past serval decades, results have found that these frequencies evoke emotions that are useful in healing within the health care industry. We have come to find that mechanosensory hair cells inside of the ear convert sound and vibrations to neural impulses which then send energy to the brain and create positive emotional results.

Guided meditation

Guided meditation is a form of sound healing with voiced instruction, Meditation involves hyperfocus along with chanting, prayers, or positive thoughts. Research has found that meditation with Solfeggio frequencies provides a number of health benefits.

Bonny Method


Helen Bonny, PHD is the founder of the “Bonny Method”. The method is centered around classical music coupled with Solfeggio frequencies that illuminate personal growth, transformation, and consciousness. In 2017 a case study was performed by physiatrists and adults with physiological health needs. The study focused on stimulating the journey of imagination with patients. The results were those patients reached a deeper layer of their psyche and were able to verbalize images, feelings, and sensations that allowed their psychiatrist to address their mental health needs that were previously hidden by their patient. 

Tuning fork therapy

Tuning fork therapy is similar to acupuncture but with a twist. This type of therapy uses meal tuning forks and solfeggio frequencies to send vibrations to different areas of the body. This helps release energy and tension that promotes emotional balance. The overall benefit is it helps relieve bone and muscle pains.

Brainwave entrainment

Also known as binaural beats, this procedure sends the mind into a particular state using pulsing sound and solfeggio frequencies that guides your brain waves to focus and align with the beat. It helps induce enhanced attention, entranced condition, comfort, and sleep. There’s evidence that frequency brainwave entrainment reduces pain, anxiety, and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, in addition to improves behavioral issues in children and adults


We hope after reading this article you have enough information to understand what Solfeggio Frequenices are.

This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the power of solfreggio frequencies. To truly understand how solfreggio frequencies can change your life read the next article in our series Benefits of Listening to Solfeggio Frequencies.